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Every time you order merchandise from a catalog, or fax a request for information, your contact with a company is handled by an order clerk. Orders for materials, merchandise or services can come from within an organization or from outside. However, most order clerks receive orders from other companies or individuals. The order clerk serves an important role, since he or she is often a customer’s only direct contact with the company. Therefore, a pleasant personality and good interpersonal skills are vital in this position. The order clerk receives and processes incoming orders for everything from spare machine parts to articles of clothing, often while keying the information directly into a computer. After the clerk verifies and enters the order, the customer’s final cost is calculated and the order is routed to the proper department to be filled. Good computer skills, an aptitude for dealing with the public and attention to detail on complicated orders are important qualities for an order clerk. An order clerk is usually an entry-level job which could lead to more advanced positions within the company.


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