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When it comes to fixing our cars, we go to an automobile mechanic. But there are many other types of mechanics. Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics service industrial equipment used in construction, logging and mining. Service technicians employed by the Federal Government may work on tanks and other armored equipment. From towering cranes…to giant drills deep underground, mechanics keep equipment running properly and safely. They are responsible for performing routine maintenance, including cleaning and lubricating the equipment, as well as checking for dangerous wear and tear. They keep service logs, and schedule appointments for equipment maintenance. They may use computerized test equipment to identify problems. Technicians in large shops may specialize in one or two types of repair, such as engine repair, electrical systems, or brakes. And while some repairs can be accomplished with hand tools, other repairs may be more challenging. Welding equipment, special power tools and calibration devices might be required to fix or replace broken parts. To get a job as a mobile heavy equipment mechanic, you need a high school diploma, and a formal training program. Many technical schools offer instruction focusing on diesel or heavy equipment. They combine class time with hands-on experience. Apprenticeships are also helpful for on-the-job training. Maintenance and repairs may be carried out in a garage, or outdoors at work sites under all kinds of weather conditions. Mobile heavy equipment mechanics contribute greatly to the safety and progress of some of our country’s leading industries.


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