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Nowadays most of us think of computers as the small machines that sit on a desk. But long before personal computers became popular, computer operators were needed to handle the huge computers that helped run big business. Many companies and government agencies still rely on large computers, called mainframes, or on groups of linked minicomputers. Computer operators oversee the operation of these machines, as well as networks of personal computers. Often they’re called upon to load tapes, disks, paper or other media. It’s a job that might require spending time on your feet. The job of a computer operator is to keep computers running smoothly—and communicating with each other. You must be able to trouble-shoot problems and plan for supplies and maintenance. Computer operators are usually trained on the machines they’ll be responsible for, but they often move on to other machines. Therefore, the ability to read technical manuals and learn new equipment is important. Computer training is available at community colleges, technical schools, through the Armed Forces and from most computer manufacturers. All kinds of companies use computers: from banks to manufacturers. The trend is toward more automation, however, and as computers increasingly learn to manage themselves, there will be fewer jobs for computer operators. Those who understand computers well will be the most likely to find jobs in related fields that have more active growth.


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