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Building a new high rise, shopping mall or factory is a complicated effort. Construction Managers supervise these projects, make decisions about daily operations and keep costs within budget. Construction managers represent the building owner or developer and coordinate the entire construction process. They decide on construction methodsthe number of workers needed, hire contractors and setupschedules and do cost estimates. They are responsible for getting the necessary permits and licenses. Large scale projects may have a team of construction managers, with each manager responsible for a specific aspect of the project. Traditionally, construction managers come from the ranks of people with many years’ experience in construction, like carpenters, masons, or electricians. They should have experience in contracts, plans, specifications and rules and regulations. Computer skills are essential. Many large firms hire managers with both industry experience and a degree in building science or construction management. Construction managers often work long hours and must be “on call” at all times to deal with emergencies. They have to work well with many different people and perform under pressure when emergencies and delays threaten the completion of a project. Becoming a construction manager is a good move up for an experienced person in the construction industry who wants additional challenges and rewards.


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