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Have you ever wondered who decides that an egg is “Grade A” …or that a cut of beef is “Prime”? Consumers rely on the professional judgment of Agricultural Graders and Sorters. They determine what’s best, what’s second best…and what’s unacceptable. Graders and sorters examine agricultural products and unprocessed foods headed for market. They rate them according to size, weight, appearance and condition. Eggs, for example, are graded according to their color and size. Meat is graded for its fat layers. Products found to be below standard are discarded. The grade that is assigned determines the price that can be charged for the product. Work is usually in clean, air-conditioned rooms. And because some foods may spoil if they’re not examined and shipped quickly, work-hours may include evenings and weekends. Sorters and Graders spend hours on their feet. And they must be able to lift heavy boxes for examination, and quickly determine the quality and grade of products. Beginners start with simple, visual inspections and learn through on-the-job training. A high school diploma is often required of those who test products. Although job-growth in this field is limited, there are opportunities at agricultural and food products companies, at produce packaging plants, and at some food stores. Sorters and graders help maintain the high standards that make our nation’s food products among the best in the world.


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