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Carpet installing takes precision--and a good deal of physical strength and agility. Installers need to be able to handle large heavy rolls of padding and carpet. They also spend a lot of time kneeling and bending. Their judgment is called upon to evaluate the underlying flooring for imperfections. They need to know how things like traffic flow will affect the new carpet. Installers must be able to accurately measure and carefully cut the carpets. They must have an eye for aligning seams and patterns. Job sites can vary dramatically, from ordinary homes to corporate headquarters. But the work environment is usually clean, because floor covering tends to be the finishing touch, after the debris from construction is cleared away. While most installers are self-employed, there are some opportunities with flooring contractors or floor covering retailers. Floor installing skills are usually learned on the job, helping an experienced worker. However, there are training programs available. These are usually sponsored by large contractors and by unions. It can take three to four years to gain the skills needed to approach a challenging project with confidence. This is a field that tends to be steadier than a lot of construction jobs, because carpet installing is usually indoor work, unaffected by the weather. Also, when new building construction slows down there is still the need to replace existing carpets. However, new materials that make carpeting more durable could have an impact on that need in the years ahead.


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