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A craft as old as civilization itself, now uses methods both ancient and modern. Boat Builders and Shipwrights construct and repair ships and boats of all kinds from small pleasure craft to commercial and naval vessels. These boats are built from a range of materials including metal, wood, aluminum, fiberglass and plastic. They work from designs on paper—blueprints—to make sure the work is “ship-shape.” And though some of the skills have been handed down through generations, advances in materials and manufacturing have made extensive training necessary for many of these jobs. In fact many boat builders and shipwrights have college engineering degrees…though people who do pieces of larger jobs—welding parts or shaping wood--may be trained by their employers, or at career schools. Boat builders and shipwrights may work on the waterfront in shipyards, in the repair sections of ports, or in small boat yards and marinas. They usually work for firms that build or repair boats. Builders may prepare slipways and construct cradles to support ships during construction, transportation and launching. In addition to being good with your hands, you need to feel comfortable working with hazardous equipment, wearing safety gear. And the work often require bending, crawling and reaching. You need to take great care in every part of the job, because every thing you do can affect the vessel’s seaworthiness amid the wind and waves.


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