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Cement Masons and Concrete Finishers Job Description

Concrete and terrazzo finishers work with cement masons to lay durable lasting and often decorative concrete surfaces. A small project might be to apply cement, sand, pigment and marble chips, or stone to floors and stairways. A big job could be the final touch for the stairs of entrance of a school. Concrete finishers are generally responsible for finishing the surface of freshly poured concrete projects to remove imperfections and edge or groove the surface to prevent chipping or cracking. Terrazzo finishers blend and press marble chips into the top layer of a project, then grind, clean, polish and seal the surface. The work is often fast-paced and involves a lot of bending and kneeling. Work tends to be seasonal, as warm, dry weather is best for concrete curing. Without indoor jobs, these workers may face periods of unemployment during the winter months. The workweek is not the common 40 hours per day. Overtime is common as once concrete has been poured, the job must be completed. Competition for jobs in this field will increase as technology makes these workers more productive. Beginners can start as helpers or train on the job through apprenticeships sponsored by unions or contractors.


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