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Handling glass requires a combination that might seem strange: strong gentleness. Glaziers have to be strong to work on their feet, lift sheets of glass, and handle the frames of windows and doors with ease. Yet they work with a material that can shatter in an instant—so they must be very gentle. This is also a precision craft. Glaziers measure the space to be filled, and then mark the sheet of glass. Then they install the glass, sealing it with putty, glue or other material to make the glass secure—and air tight. Glaziers might work for a small shop specializing in installation and repair…or for manufacturing companies that train them in the installation of a particular glass product. They may also work with other substances substitutes, such as plastic or marble. Glaziers use hand tools and power tools to hold the glass in place, and cut with precision. Computers can also be used, to improve layout and reduce waste. This is a skilled construction trade that can be learned in career school, in an apprentice program, or on the job. With a steady hand, and precise movements, the glazier performs a craft that has been honed over centuries. It’s a job whose result is both visible…and transparent.


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