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The term plumber comes from the Latin word for lead, the material used for joints and pipes for centuries. Modern plumbers no longer use lead, but they still spend much of their time assembling, installing, and repairing pipes for systems that carry everything from water and steam to oil and gas. Plumbers can be found at construction sites and in residential and commercial buildings, where a great deal of the work involves cutting, bending, threading, and joining pipes and fittings. But many are also employed by refineries, chemical plants, and public utilities, all of which reply on plumbers to keep things flowing smoothly. If you want to become a plumer, you need to be mechanically inclined. You'll also need training to prepare for the licensing test many cities and towns require. This may involve a formal four-year apprenticeship that includes 144 hours of classroom instruction per year; or on-the-job programs, lasting five years or more, may be acceptable. It may also be possible to get the necessary training through the Armed Forces. There is always a demand for licensed plumbers, since opportunities can range from becoming an employee of a large company to starting your own business as a plumbing contractor.


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