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Does your house stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter? If so, thank the workers who installed the insulation – they did their job properly. An insulation worker installs insulating material by cementing, stapling, wiring, taping or spraying it into buildings, around pipes, boilers and tanks. The insulation can take the form of foam, loose-fill, fiberglass, cellulose, or rock wool and in cases where there is old insulation, workers must first remove it and then secure the new materials. The job is very physical, requiring bending, kneeling, standing for long hours and working from ladders or in tight spaces. The insulation is often dusty and dirty. Anyone working with asbestos must be licensed and must take strict safety precautions. General construction knowledge and basic math skills, or a high-school course in blueprint reading are all helpful for entry-level jobs. There are no training requirements for this occupation and most workers learn their trade on-the-job. Installing insulation is an easy way to enter the construction industry and many workers move onto other trades.


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