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People have been smoothing plaster or cement finishes on the walls of their homes for centuries -- to insulate, to protect…to decorate. This highly durable type of wall finish is enjoying a resurgence in popularity across the country, especially in Sunbelt states, making stucco and interior plastering one of the fastest growing occupations in the construction trades. Plasterers work with different types of material, by mixing and applying them to interior and exterior walls and ceilings. These surfaces are fire-resistant and fairly soundproof. The finished product can be left in it’s natural state, painted or papered. Some plasterers create decorative effects while finishing a surface… or by adding touches such as intricate moldings. The workplace can be hot and dusty -- and that dust can be irritating to skin and eyes. The work is very physical…and subject to weather delays. Most plasterers work on new construction… but many repair and restore older buildings. They generally learn their skills on the job. Plasterers make walls not only functional, but artistic.


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