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Roofers work with diverse materials on many types of buildings: residential, commercial and industrial. In addition to new building, roofers do repair work on existing roofing, so their jobs are less affected by economic downturns than other construction jobs. Roofers need a good sense of balance, and must not be afraid of heights. They work outdoors in all types of weather. The job can be very strenuous, from erecting scaffolds, to hauling heavy bags of shingles up ladders. Most flat roofs are covered with asphalt and tar. Residential buildings tend to have pitched or sloping roofs covered with shingles. Materials can differ, and some roofers choose to work with more specialized materials like wood, slate, tile, and terra cotta. An ability to plan is essential, especially where rooflines of different slopes intersect. Here, a roofer must learn how to measure and install flashing to prevent water from seeping between the surfaces. Roofers may also become qualified to waterproof other parts of buildings, such as masonry foundations and walls. Most roofers acquire their skills while working for established roofing contractors. Classroom training is also valuable, and apprenticeships are sometimes offered through union-management committees. As a roofer gains experience, he or she may advance to the position of supervisor or estimator. Some roofers eventually go into business for themselves.


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