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Assembly lines can take a manufactured item almost all the way to completion. In fact, some kinds of manufactured goods make it into packages without ever being touched by human hands. Many products, however, require the finishing touches only hand grinders and polishers can provide. Using hand tools, and hand held power tools, these workers grind and polish a variety of materials: metal, stone, clay, plastic and glass objects or parts. They may also repair and maintain equipment, sharpen abrasive grinding tools, and apply solutions and chemicals. Depending on the material you work with—and the tools you use, you might be called a grinder, chipper, polisher, buffer, or sander. Usually this job requires only short term on the job training. To do it well you need to be good with your hands, and learn the steps of the particular process you’re hired to accomplish. You need to be able to do the same task, repeatedly, without losing attentiveness. Working conditions can be noisy, and you’ll probably be required to wear special gear such as safety glasses to protect you from flying particles. People who like making things find grinding and polishing work rewarding, because it brings the item closer to perfection.


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