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The first century of the Industrial Revolution left a legacy of hazardous waste that government and environmental experts are trying to clean up. Hazardous Materials and Waste Technicians are at the forefront of this effort. Some hazardous waste technicians work on-site; others, in a hazardous materials center, called a “hazmat facility.” There, they perform a variety of tasks including transportation, treatment and storage of hazardous wastes. Hazardous waste technicians must have specific and detailed training to receive a Hazardous Waste Worker Certificate. This requires completion of an EPA-approved course, annual updates and medical supervision provided by the company. They learn painstaking procedures to protect worker health and community safety. A high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum education in this field. Increasingly sophisticated equipment, complex processes and scientific techniques may require further education. Hazmat technicians who can adapt to new duties and procedures should be able to increase their earnings and move into supervision. Above all, the hazmat technician knows he or she is helping to make the world cleaner for future generations.


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