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Sheet metal duct installers make, install and maintain heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. They may also construct pollution control systems. Ductwork installation actually begins in a shop, where components are fabricated to meet a particular building’s needs. Drafting and specification reading are important tools at this stage, so installers must have good math skills and mechanical aptitude. Modern fabrication shops use computerized saws and lasers, which require special training. Skills such as riveting and welding are also necessary to assemble the parts. Once on location, installers need physical strength to lift components into place. During installation, they may also find themselves bending, climbing, and squatting, so flexibility and good balance are important. They may use shears, hammers, punches and drills to make or modify parts at the work site or in the shop. Installers also upgrade systems in older buildings. Improving efficiency in these buildings helps reduce energy costs, and keeps this business thriving, even during economic downturns. Fabrication and installation is usually done indoors. This means installers lose less work time from bad weather than workers in other areas of the construction industry. Because computerized fabrication equipment is expensive, most installers choose to work for established contractors, rather than going out on their own. This trade can best be learned through apprenticeship and classroom instruction offered by local unions. As you progress, you will move up from working on simple systems to more complex ones. Sheet metal duct installers help make buildings more comfortable. If you like working with your hands and your mind, this career offers a terrific opportunity, blending physical activity with mechanical aptitude.


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