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Protecting property from fire requires a quick response from emergency services. But they can only respond when they know there’s a problem. Rather than wait for someone to call in an emergency, many people choose to install alarm systems that send out an alert, immediately. Alarm systems are also used to protect property from theft—just seeing that there’s a security system in place, can make a criminal decide to choose another target. Security and fire alarm system installers therefore play an important role in protecting society. They install, service and maintain security and fire alarms and complete systems to detect and signal smoke, fire, intrusion, break-in or movement. The skills needed to use the tools involved, can be learned in technical or vocational school, but on-the-job training on a specific system is necessary. In many states you’ll need to pass an exam to obtain a license. As most of the work is done in homes and businesses where people live and work, you must be able to communicate well. You might have to field questions about how the system functions. The installation might require bending and twisting or climbing ladders to reach access points—so physical agility is important, along with precision. It also helps if you are not afraid of heights. .This is a job that often requires computer and problem-solving skills, as each installation comes with its own unique set of challenges. Along with the satisfaction of a job well done, comes the knowledge that you’re helping to protect people and businesses.


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