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Prepress technicians and workers are the final stop for graphic designs on their way to the printed page. In a large printing operation, you might handle only a few specific tasks. In a smaller shop, you might perform all of the pre-press duties yourself. Desktop operators assemble documents, using design software to manipulate pictures and type. Those files are sent to the preflight technicians, who check one more time for errors and any missing elements. Color specialists and proofers re-touch and color-correct the documents. You need good eyesight and a strong color sense. Artistic ability is a definite plus. The work is very detail-oriented, and deadline pressures can make it stressful. Prepress technicians and workers used to be able to train on the job. But the increasing role of computers in their work requires more formal education and certification, especially for those who hope to advance to a supervisory position. Employers look for college degrees in desktop publishing, graphic arts or printing production. And changing technology means these workers must constantly update their skills. More and more of the work of transforming text and images into finished pages is done with the click of a mouse. Technology is still reshaping prepress operations, and a key to success in this field is adaptability.


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