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People who like to work with things instead of words, paper and ideas are often more comfortable doing production work. An entry-level job is on a manufacturing assembly line. While you might start by turning out individual parts, if you show ability and reliability you might become an assembler or fabricator. This is a job that calls for careful repetition of a precise series of steps, as you assemble, or fit together, parts to form complete units. Your finished product might be a part of another part, but as an assembler or fabricator you are responsible for putting pieces together, rather than having a machine do it for you. You might be called upon to screw, weld, rivet, nail or bolt materials together, or sew, staple or tack. Depending on the kind of product you’re working on, the conditions vary a lot. Some assemblers do their work sitting at clean benches. Others work in noisy, crowded conditions and must stand, bend and lift. If you’re working with small parts, excellent eyesight can be very important. And you must have the ability to handle the tools provided by the employer to get the job done to exact specifications. Developments in technology are leading to more robots doing the jobs that human assemblers and fabricators once performed. So this is a job that might be harder to find and keep in the years to come.


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