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At first it looks like a video game…but this is very much for real. Each number on the screen represents an aircraft…and the passengers’ lives depend on your careful, swift, decisive, constant instruction. Most Air traffic controllers are employed and trained by the federal government. The pay and benefits are excellent, but the stress is high. Whether you work in an airport control tower to make sure planes stay a safe distance apart on the ground, taking off and landing… a Terminal Area Control Facility or an enroute control center monitoring travel through invisible highways in the sky, you must speak clearly, work in a team, and be constantly on the alert. Safety is the priority—but air traffic controllers also work toward minimizing delays. Each controller is part of a nationwide system that creates an intricate airborne ballet, responding to weather, mechanical difficulties, and all the little things that constantly cause big problems for pre-arranged flight plans. People seeking employment in this challenging career take a federal civil service test, and are examined in ways that measure their ability to cope with mental stress over long hours. A background as a pilot, navigator or military controller increases your chances of being accepted for the Federal Aviation Administration Academy, where air traffic controllers are trained.


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