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Mechanical Drafters draw for a living. But they create a different kind of picture than the typical artist. Before intricate equipment like cars or factory machines are built, Mechanical Drafters design objects and make blueprints showing how the equipment will be manufactured and assembled. As part of the process, they may use a computer-aided design and drafting system. Called CADD, these highly specialized computers systems help create guidelines showing technical details from every angle. Mechanical Drafters also specify dimensions, materials and procedures. Mechanical Drafters also draw illustrations for reference manuals and technical publications. These will explain the operation and maintenance of specific machinery. Employers look for people with well-developed drafting and mechanical drawing skills. Technical schools, community colleges and some 4-year universities offer the necessary training. A strong background in math, and the practical application of Engineering and Science are also required. If you have designs on Mechanical Drafting, look for an apprenticeship or internship at your school. It may be the blueprint you need to start your career.


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