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From lightweight metal bike frames… to ceramic tile on the space shuttle… innovations to make products last longer and work better are due in large part to the work of materials engineers. Often called a "materials person" in the industry, this inventor plays a key role in the manufacture of any product. Presented with a plan for the item, he or she explores how to make it in the lab. Sometimes this involves creating a new material by manipulating the atomic and molecular structures of substances. The new material and its application are tested repeatedly, with every outcome recorded and analyzed until the product meets design goals. Then this engineer plans the most effective process for making the newly invented materials in a factory. Materials engineers are found in many industries, and usually specialize in a specific area, such as metals or electronics. Entry-level positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited engineering program. However, many jobs require master’s degrees and doctorates. This job is multi-faceted -- part inventor, part scientist -- and all problem solver.


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