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There’s a lot going on in a busy casino. Strict laws and smart business practices require close supervision of every aspect of a gambling establishment. Casino and Gaming Managers supervise the supervisors. The manager decides what kinds of gambling will be offered at the casino, and how the games will be operated in accordance with gaming laws. When complaints or questions arise, the manager is the judge of whether house rules and policies are being interpreted correctly. The manager also runs the business side of the casino, reviewing operational expenses and receipts, approving payments, and authorizing maintenance and improvements. To accomplish all these tasks, the manager must hire people who can be entrusted with responsibilities. To be a good manager, you must be able to delegate. Most casino managers have formal business training in a career school or college. Experience in the industry is also important; many managers work their way up the ranks. When it comes to managing a casino, very little is left to chance!


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