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In many companies, one job title represents a person who is almost always welcomed with a sigh of relief or an urgent question: the help desk technician. It’s a title that didn’t exist before the computing era made modern offices and small businesses dependent upon the person who can make the computers function. Even though there is “HELP” available within computer software, it’s much more comforting—and efficient—to have a human available to help resolve a problem, fix a glitch, or simply teach the best way to use a program. A help desk technician might also work only over the phone, providing technical support as an employee of a hardware, computer system or software company. So it’s a job that requires a special combination of technical know-how and communications skills. You have to be able to explain how something complicated works, in simple terms. While working conditions are usually pretty comfortable, spending long hours sitting in front of computers can result in eyestrain, back problems and hand and wrist problems. A two-year training program at a community college or technical institute, or training with a computer company, can get you started as a help-desk technician. If you want to move beyond the help-desk, additional computer science education will probably be necessary.


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