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Many materials…such as carpet, fabric and glass…are manufactured and transported in large configurations. When it’s time to put these materials to use, the skills of hand cutters and trimmers are in demand. Using hand-held tools and power tools, they cut and trim to achieve the required fit. The work can be repetitious, and may require bending and carrying heavy materials. Hand cutters and trimmers tend to specialize, working with a particular material. No matter what you’re cutting, though, you’ll need steady hands and the ability to follow a plan, patters or blueprint. You must make measurements that are absolutely precise; if you’re a fraction of an inch off, the material may be wasted and the job re-done. These are skills usually learned on the job, taught by an experienced hand. Some learn their craft in a more formal training program, such as an apprenticeship as a carpet cutter or fur cutter. This is clearly a job for people confident of their abilities, but also patient enough to work slowly and carefully.


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