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Companies know that extending credit is risky business. Credit authorizers, checkers and clerks work to reduce the risk. Credit clerks assemble the documents and process the transactions for people applying for loans or credit. Checkers verify what people put down on application forms. By phone or computer, checkers contact banks, credit bureaus and other sources for facts about an applicant's earnings, spending and bill-paying. Authorizers decide whether to approve or deny the request for a credit account…or for a new charge to an existing line of credit. They assess credit histories for accounts that are past due, overextended or in some way invalid. People in this field generally work a standard 40-hour week in an office setting, but shifts can include nights and weekends, and may be part-time. You need to be able to handle the pressures of occasionally dealing with unpleasant people. Although the use of credit is growing, opportunities in this field are not. Computers are streamlining many checking and authorizing functions. Credit workers usually need only a high school education for an entry-level position, so you can expect plenty of competition for these jobs. Talents that will make you stand out include fluency in another language, especially Spanish… good typing and computer skills…and a solid grasp of business math. This is a career where a job done well, is certainly a credit to your company.


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