Communication Equipment Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers video

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Communication equipment mechanics install and maintain the switches that connect someone with someone else whenever they dial the phone. Many work in “central offices” — those windowless phone company buildings seen in many towns. Mechanics specializing in installation and repair setup and connect computer phone switches. They punch copper wire into connector boards or splice fiber optic cable to make the physical connections and then program the switches to establish the electronic connections. The job may also involve “pulling gray cable,” the phrase many mechanics use for performing routine telephone installations at a customer site. Or it may involve troubleshooting and repairing problems from a computer keyboard. The workers need to be able to read and understand circuit diagrams and electronics. And you may have to make emergency repairs at night and on weekends. But regardless of the company, most of these mechanics take great satisfaction in helping this country offer the finest phone service in the world.


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