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The beauty and dependability of wood has been cherished through the ages. But the way wood is handled has changed a lot. While skilled craftspeople still create beautiful furniture, instruments and toys with their hands, all kinds of wood products are now made by wood machinists. They are skilled, too, but they combine woodworking ability with the knowledge of how to use technology to manufacture wood products. With computerized controls, a wood machinist can program a machine to handle many steps that used to be done by hand. Wood machinists also use individual machine tools to cut, shape and prepare wood surfaces. Wood machinists must be able to lift, and handle large pieces of wood. They have to tolerate noise and dust. While often it’s a job that requires strength, it also demands precision. Many wood machinists learn their trade on the job, starting by helping experienced workers. But the industry is turning more and more to technology. So in the future, wood machinists with engineering or production management training will be best positioned to “shape” a promising career.


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