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Production, planning, and expediting clerks keep manufacturing plants operating smoothly. They ensure the continuous flow of work and material within production schedules. They deal with inventory of raw materials or subassemblies and production quotas. They track output and expedite orders when necessary. In small firms, one person may do the job; larger companies may need more. Working under the supervision of industrial managers, these clerks can boost production efficiency. Production, planning, and expediting clerks are often entry-level workers. Companies may require a high school diploma or prefer candidates who are computer-literate and familiar with office equipment. Business courses and job-related experience are helpful. Of course, accurate record keeping is essential. Clerks usually sit for long periods, using telephones and computers during a 40-hour week. Experienced clerical workers can move on to more responsible positions within the plant or in other departments. If they get a degree, they can go even further.


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