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Water is one of our most precious resources. Hydrologists help protect that resource. Hydro means water. Ologist means one who studies. So Hydrologists are scientists who study the water in our environment. They use sophisticated techniques and equipment to monitor changes in water cycles. They study precipitation, its movements through the earth, and its return to the ocean and the atmosphere. The work of hydrologists is especially important in flood control. As Hurricane Katrina showed, flooding is a major hazard in parts of our country. Environmental preservation is another crucial area. These scientists analyze the ground water that surrounds us, looking for contamination. Many hydrologists advise businesses and government agencies who must comply with environmental policy. A good part of the job…especially for junior workers…is spent in the field – in all types of weather. Trekking through rough country, climbing embankments and getting wet is not uncommon. More experienced hydrologists tend to spend much of their time in the lab. Here, they conduct tests, run experiments, record results and compile data. Knowledge of computers, math and related sciences is essential. So is being able to present your findings to others, so good people and communication skills are a plus. Entry-level positions require a bachelors degree. Certification in hydrology is recommended for more advanced employment. If you have a thirst for knowledge about the environment, consider a job as a hydrologist.


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