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So many of the things that end up making our lives easier…started off deep underground. Helping to extract coal, metal and non-metallic minerals from the earth's interior is the job of miners. Loading machine operators help clear the mine of debris. They control machinery equipped with power shovels, scrapers or scoops… or with gathering arms and a conveyor. Rock, coal or other materials are loaded into vehicles that will transport them away from the job site. The work environment is noisy, dim, dusty, and at times, cramped. It can also be dangerous. Even though mining companies are very safety-conscious, and government oversight is strict, moving heavy materials with tons of earth and rock directly overhead comes with a degree of risk. Though much of the machinery is now computerized and remote-controlled, a mining machine operator must have the stamina to stand or sit for long periods. The increasing introduction of automated tools, while making the job more efficient and safer, is also reducing the number of jobs in this field. A high school diploma is usually required. Training comes on the job, often through a union apprenticeship. This is a career in which making the investment of time and effort really pays off. Skilled machine operators earn some of the highest salaries in the industry.


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