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People who are physically, mentally or emotionally disabled often have difficulty dealing with basic living skills. Helping them to cope are Occupational Therapy Assistants and Aides. Under the supervision of occupational therapists, assistants and aides work very closely with their clients to help them compensate for limitations and help restore vocational, homemaking and daily living skills.. They often provide the strong helping hand for patients going to and from the therapy area. Working with ill or sick patients also involves bending and lifting. Knowledge of medical terminology is important, because part of the job deals with overseeing medications and treatments. Assistants and aides demonstrate therapy techniques, such as creative arts and games. Or they may instruct patients and families in home programs and basic living skills. They help measure a client’s abilities or progress and are called upon to design and adapt equipment and working-living environment. While aides don’t need formal training, certification is usually required for therapy assistants. Programs at the certificate or associate’s degree level are available through 2- and 4-year colleges and similar institutions. An outgoing, friendly nature helps motivate patients undergoing therapy. This is a profession that offers true job satisfaction, with plenty of grateful smiles and hugs.


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