Electric Home Appliance and Power Tool Repairers Job Description video

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When an appliance in your household breaks down…you want someone to fix it in a hurry. That’s why Electric Home Appliance and Power Tool Repairers are a welcome sight. These service technicians are sometimes trained by a store or manufacturer to handle particular brands of appliances or tools. Bench technicians do repairs in repair shops, factories and service centers. Field technicians dispatched to homes and businesses. These repairers often specialize in the type of appliance they work on – microwave ovens, toasters, vacuum cleaners, etc – or the type of power tool – chainsaws, mowers or snow blowers.. The work requires a good knowledge of tools. You may be called upon to move heavy items, to squeeze into tight places and to get dirty. Paperwork can also be part of the picture, if there are parts to order, or warranty forms to fill out. And, repair people often handle payment on house calls. Of course, another form of payment is the relieved gratitude you’ll get from your customers, when their appliances and tools are working again.


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