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There's an old saying about computers: if it works for the first 90 days, it'll work forever. That's largely true for monitors and circuit boards. But it ignores the weak link in all data processing equipment-- the electro-mechanical devices-- which is to say, the ones with moving parts! Moving parts mean friction and wear. And they can be found in printers of every sort; hard, floppy, and CD-ROM disk drives; tape drives; and keyboards. And not only in the personal computer equipment most people know, but also the mini- and mainframe computers few people ever see. Mechanical repairs, however, are only part of a data processing equipment repairer's job. Sometimes circuit boards do burn out and need to be replaced. Sometimes the software is at fault. And sometimes the hardware and software in a given machine are just incompatible. Data processing equipment repairers must be able to absorb the information provided to them and troubleshoot the problems on the spot. Of course, the hardware and software are always changing, so there is a constant need to keep up-to-date. But, with some experience, you'll find that you take all the changes in stride. And for many, it's worth the effort. The world runs on data processing equipment, after all, so there will always be good jobs for those who are skilled at repairing it!


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