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Industrial machinery is production machinery. This means at least two things: first, the machine is located in a plant of some sort and, second, when it breaks down, getting it running again quickly is essential. A broken machine can stop an entire assembly line, costing a company a huge amount of money in lost production time. That's why industrial machinery mechanics are so vital. It's also why these professionals spend so much of their time doing preventive maintenance. Machine parts need to be oiled, greased, and cleaned on a regular basis. Robots and other automated equipment need to be calibrated. And often, diagnostic programs must be run. Indeed, given the increasing computerization of industrial machines, it can be important to be as good with a floppy disk and keyboard as with a socket wrench and micrometer. The work can be dirty and cramped. You may be called in from a sound night’s sleep to make emergency repairs in the middle of the night. In fact, the U.S. Labor department reports that for more than half of all industrial machinery repairers, working overtime is common. This can be a very well paid job. And no wonder: if the machines don't work, the factory doesn't work. That makes a company's industrial machinery mechanics very important people indeed.


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