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Public Relations…or PR…is an important part of any business, government agency or non-profit organization. It’s the job of Public Relations Managers to help protect the organization’s reputation and image. Often they act as the liaison between the organization and the public and news media. PR managers write press releases and set-up events that the press is invited to attend. In times of crisis, these managers are called upon to explain the company’s side of the issue. This may involve having to handle hostile questions from the news media. PR is also important within the organization. The manager may oversee newsletters and meetings aimed at keeping employees informed about internal developments. They may also assist company executives in drafting speeches, arranging interviews, and maintaining other forms of public contact. This can be a high-pressure job… dealing with deadlines and fast changing situations. You need to be able to write and speak well. Most employers want to hire someone with at least a bachelor’s degree. A concentration in public relations or journalism is a plus. A company needs to work hard to keep a good image…and a good Public Relations Manager can make all the difference.


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