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Space may be the final frontier, but it’s been studied since the dawn of civilization. And while early man could only stargaze with unaided eyes, astronomers today use extremely sophisticated equipment to examine the universe. From giant telescopes here on the earth…to unmanned probes traveling millions of miles into deep space…information is collected and interpreted. Often with the use of computers. Astronomers may study electrical storms on the sun…track the thousand-year orbit of a meteor…or search for signs of life in a faraway galaxy. They spend years in college and graduate school, developing a foundation of knowledge in physics and math. A doctoral degree is usually required for jobs in this occupation. While some of these scientists develop theories about the very nature of the universe, others work at practical matters such as satellite communications and telescope systems. Astronomers are most likely to be employed by research facilities, universities…or museums that house planetariums. Often their work includes the need to write grant proposals for funding. It is a complex science, rooted in something simple: looking up, wondering, and wanting to know “what’s out there?”


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