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Forget what you've heard: money does not make the world go 'round. What makes the world spin on its axis is sales, And no one is more central to this process than a retail salesperson. A television commercial can bring a customer into a store, but only a real, live salesperson can close the deal. Retail salespeople are the frontline soldiers in any store, and as such, they are incredibly important. Not all stores realize this. Some hire people to be mere order takers or cash register operators. But that is not what selling is all about. Just as it is not about being aggressive or "pushy." Selling is about sensing a customer's needs and making it as easy as possible for the person to satisfy them. It is also about imagination. For example, a customer buys a house plant. "You know, some of this fertilizer here will work wonders with that plant," you say. Because you have the customer's best interests at heart, people sense that in you, and as a result, they trust you and buy from you. The best retail sales jobs pay a commission on everything you sell. But every retail sales job offers invaluable experience. After all, if you're good at selling to retail customers by the piece or the pound, you will probably also do well selling to corporate customers by the ton or the carload! Learning the art of selling at the retail level is a wonderful place to jumpstart a career in sales.


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