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Our world is overflowing with numbers and information. Now that most businesses and institutions store that data in computers, we need an army of people to put the information into the system …and get it out again. That’s the job of Data Entry and Information Processing Workers. They often learn their skills in high school, or through career school courses. Once hired, employers also provide training on particular systems. In addition to operating data entry devices, duties also might include double-checking data, and preparing materials for printing. It’s work that requires precision. You also have to be able to tolerate long hours of sitting, and repetition of the same or similar tasks. You need to be able to pace yourself to avoid eyestrain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other repetitive strain injuries. But the work environment is usually clean and well-lit. And if you prove your reliability and accuracy, data entry and information processing jobs could plug you into a career path that moves upward to increased responsibility and pay.


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