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From construction digs to assembly lines, businesses rely on a key equipment specialist to set up the work area: the millwright. Millwrights install, repair and dismantle heavy, motor-driven equipment at construction sites, and in large manufacturing and processing centers, industrial plants…and any place with a conveyor belt or assembly line.. Even before the equipment gets to the site, the millwright is already there, consulting with managers, checking blueprints and choosing the best location for the machinery. This may require building a new foundation or reinforcing the floor. The millwright helps to unload the parts, inspects them and may use hoists, pulleys or rigging to position them. Hydraulic lift-trucks or cranes may be enlisted to move a heavier load. In addition to using power tools, cutting torches, welding machines and the like, the millwright uses precision assembly equipment to put the pieces together. These might be micrometers, ultrasonic measuring devices -- even lasers! Angles and measurements must be carefully calculated according to the blueprints. Millwrights also perform preventative maintenance and make repairs to the machines as needed. The work can be physically demanding and take place in all sorts of weather conditions. Even with a high school diploma, aspiring millwrights train for several years, either in vocational school or through union apprenticeships. Once you're working, you'll need to keep yourself up-to-date with technological advances. This is one job where you can construct a real career from a talent for tinkering.


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