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It’s been said that a book is like a ship that can carry you to faraway places. And like a ship, a book needs to be carefully assembled. This is the job of bindery workers. They take loose printed pages…and bind them together into magazines or books. To accomplish this task, bindery workers might use a wide array of equipment, such as machines that cut, fold, trim, staple, stitch or glue. In small shops, bindery workers may do every step. In larger shops, they may specialize in one or a few steps. While no formal education is required, workers need to be able to attend to details that require precision and patience. They may be expected to work with chemicals and to lift and carry supplies. The work can be very repetitive…and is often done under noisy conditions. Some familiarity with computers is increasingly an asset or even a requirement. Training usually takes place on the job. Some apprenticeship programs are available through printing industry associations. The satisfaction of the job comes from knowing you’re helping to turn something flimsy and difficult to handle…into a durable product that can be easily enjoyed again and again.


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