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Drivers of Tractor-Trailer Trucks are people who really deliver. Just about everything we use…from cars to food to furniture…comes to us on big rigs. Before the drivers leave the terminal or warehouse, they will get details about their assignments, called manifests. Then the drivers will load up and make sure their rigs are ready for the road. They’ll check fuel and oil levels, as well as brakes, windshield wipers and lights. As you can imagine, the biggest part of this job is spent behind the wheel. So you need to be an excellent driver with a thorough knowledge of commercial driving regulations. The long hours on the road demand stamina and the ability to stay constantly alert. Depending on the type of cargo and size of the truck, a commercial driver’s license issued by their home state may be required. There are vocational schools that teach tractor-trailer driving and maintenance. After reaching their destination, drivers are required to complete reports detailing the trip, the condition of the truck and any accidents that may have occurred. They may also have to unload their cargo, especially when they haul specialty cargo such as cars, because they may be the only one at the destination familiar with procedures or certified to handle the materials. If the call of the endless highway fits your lifestyle, becoming a tractor-trailer driver could put you on the road to a successful career.


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