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There’s a lot more to traffic than “stop” and “go.” To keep motorists moving, Traffic Technicians perform many complex tasks. They might set the length of time a light stays “red…” Count the number of trucks using a particular bridge… Make sure a road crew is protected and well marked… Or analyze accident reports to determine if a highway interchange is too dangerous… Those are just a few examples, of the work that goes into enhancing safety and the smooth flow of traffic. Many traffic technicians work for government agencies. Their job requires engineering and mechanical skills, physical flexibility, good eyesight, patience and attention to detail. They might spend hours pouring over data at a desk…or days counting cars out in the cold. To “steer” toward a career managing traffic, it’s important to understand that it’s a science. Traffic Technicians are trained on the job under the supervision of a traffic engineer. An educational foundation including mathematics and engineering can put you “on the road” to success.


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