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Whether the motor vehicle has 18 wheels… Or it’s the family car… The government requires it be inspected for safety and/or emissions on a regular basis. Proof of passing that inspection is displayed—and if it’s out of date, the operator of the vehicle faces a fine. Motor Vehicle Inspectors examine cars and trucks, accessories, air lines and electric circuits and report on what repairs are needed. They also make sure there are no illegal devices on cars or trucks, such as those meant to get around auto emissions laws. They apply inspection stickers to vehicles that pass—and rejection stickers to vehicles that fail. Then comes the paperwork for the owner or police, if follow up action is needed. Training to inspect motor vehicles can be part of learning the trade on the job at a repair shop or factory, or part of coursework at a community college, vocational or trade school. You also need to be physically fit, in order to work with a motor vehicles to make effective inspections. This is a job for someone who likes realistic, practical work—and there’s satisfaction in knowing you’re helping to keep the roads a little safer, and the skies a littler cleaner.


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