Career Placement Assistance and the Internet Job Boards

Placement assistance is a difficult task. The internet hosts literally thousands of websites dedicated to helping people find jobs, and each claims expertise. The truth is many of these Job Boards are operated by individuals who have other full-time endeavors. The problem is Job Seekers have absolutely no way of knowing which Job Boards are truly beneficial.

GadBall created a free resume distribution site, in partnership with over 1,500 different Job Boards. The GadBall Network of Job Boards consists of sites that have been screened to determine the effectiveness of the site; only Job Boards that can connect GadBall Users with viable Employers are considered for the GadBall Resume Distribution Network.

Now that the problem of effectiveness has been addressed, the problem of efficiency still exists. Each of the more than 1,500 Job Boards in the GadBall Network requires a User to create a resume on the site.

GadBall is a Data Frenzy ( company. Data Frenzy, founded in 1996, is the world’s largest and most technologically advanced job distribution and management company, providing direct job distribution and management services for small employers and staffing firms, as well as household names such as Aetna, Ann Taylor, AON, Archer Daniel Midland, Boston Scientific, Chevy Chase Bank, Culligan, Dell Financial, Disney, DoubleClick, Fifth Third Bank, Hasbro, Humana, Jet Blue Airways, Kohler, NASD, Petco, Perot Systems, etc. The Company manages over 250,000 active jobs on a daily basis and processes over 4,000,000 resumes monthly.

The Job Boards in the GadBall Network have established relationships with Data Frenzy and put forth the effort to build automated software applications to accept a resume from GadBall. What does this mean? A User of GadBall hosts his/her resume on GadBall and can distribute it to multiple Job Boards with one click. GadBall filters the available Job Boards based on each User’s demographic data found on the resume (for example, a User seeking an accounting position will not have to view websites targeted to nursing professionals). Once a User selects a Job Board to receive his/her resume, the User can manage the resume on all sites from GadBall; any edits to the resume are immediately sent to each Job Board where the resume was posted. When the job search is over, the User can delete his/her resume on all sites where it was posted.

Placement assistance professionals insert a customized link on their site to GadBall. Each User from the Partner’s site is denoted in the GadBall database as originating from the Partner’s site. Partners login to their accounts to view their Job Seekers and the job search activity of each. Partners can view the User’s complete resume, a report of all sites where the resume was distributed, a report of all jobs applied to on GadBall (including the name of the Employer, the job title, and the current status of each job), and Partners can send internal messages to Users (with a complete history of each correspondence including all replies from the User).

If tracking placements is a requirement for you, GadBall provides a tremendous amount of reports on each of your Users. It is even possible to require the Users to complete a brief exit questionnaire when they inactivate or delete their resume.

The service to Partners and Job Seekers is free. Each Job Board in the GadBall Network pays an inclusion fee; the fee is nominal to encourage an expansive network of Job Boards, and is necessary to ensure that only Job Boards motivated to connect GadBall Users with Employers having relevant jobs are participants in the Network.

The internet is a powerful tool for Job Seekers, and GadBall has streamlined the research and utilization process. To learn more about how GadBall can help your organization, contact us.