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+ Computer Hardware Engineers Job Description
Years ago, the keyword for new college graduates was steel. Years later, the hot industry was plastics. Today, it is computers. Computer engineers design new computers and computer-related devices. They have a detailed understanding of microprocessors, computer chips, and other components, which they apply to designing circuit boards, scanners, printers, monitors, hard disk drives, and many other computer devices or add-ons > view more

+ Data Processing Equipment Repairers Job Description
There's an old saying about computers: if it works for the first 90 days, it'll work forever. That's largely true for monitors and circuit boards. But it ignores the weak link in all data processing equipment-- the electro-mechanical devices-- which is to say, the ones with moving parts! Moving parts mean friction and wear. And they can be found in printers of every sort; hard, floppy, and CD-ROM disk drives; tape drives; and keyboards > view more

+ Office Machine and Cash Register Servicers Job Description
Electro-mechanical devices are the weak link in a computerized world. That’s because, unlike computers, they are based on moving parts. Cash registers, printers, photocopiers, and fax machines have to transport paper past a printing or scanning element. Typewriters, which many offices use to fill out multi-part forms, have printing heads that physically strike carbon ribbons and paper. And where there is movement, there is wear, and, eventually, the need for repair > view more


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