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+ Librarians Job Description
Librarians help people find the books or information they need for business, academic or leisure purposes. Books, CDs, the Internet, and databases are just some of the Librarian’s tools. Librarians must be familiar with today’s sophisticated information and research sources and still be able to help a young reader find a new picture book. They must possess first hand knowledge of all the materials in the library, from catalogs and periodicals to reference books, best sellers and literary classics > view more

+ Library Assistants, Clerical Job Description
Library assistants keep libraries running smoothly by keeping an increasingly diverse array of library resources in order so that they can be easily located. They are paraprofessionals who work under the direction of librarians or library technicians. They perform a wide-ranging list of duties. They're familiar with different filing and cataloguing systems. They may keep the lists of overdue items and send out notices of fines > view more

+ Library Technicians Job Description
occupy the top spot on a librarian's support staff. They free librarians up for other tasks while helping to acquire, prepare, and organize materials. They also guide library users to the information they need. In larger libraries, technicians often specialize in an area, such as audiovisual equipment or the reference or periodicals sections. In smaller libraries they handle a range of duties, from helping librarians with customizing databases to helping patrons wade through a computerized cataloguing system > view more


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