Profession Specific Salary Surveys

Every industry, profession and job has experts who provide research and write reports on trends. GadBall has compiled a comprehensive list of articles and research to help you better understand your career path, or explore another, based on salary information and discussions.

Accounting Administrative Support Advertising
Agriculture Airlines Automotive
Banking Building Industries and Trades Education
Entertainment Executives and Senior Management Finance
Food Service Industry Geological Positions Government
Graphic Art and Design Health Hospitality
Human Resources Information Technology Insurance
Law Enforcement Legal & Paralegal Libraries
Management Manufacturing Marketing & Sales
Mathematics Media Meeting Planners
Mining Nonprofit Packaging
Performing Arts Petroleum Printing
Psychology Public Relations Purchasing
Quality Control Real Estate Retail
Science & Engineering Security Service Technicians
Social Work Technical Writers Telecommunications
Travel Agents Warehousing


Average Administrative Salaries - A report compiled by a nationwide staffing firm focused on administrative and clerical positions.

California Wage Estimates - Office & Administrative Support Occupations - This report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) specifies the hourly and annual wages for general office and administrative support positions.

Office and Administrative Support Positions - This link is an Occupational Outlook Handbook with salary and wage information.


Advertising Age Salary Survey - Brought to you by Advertising Age this annual salary survey of advertising agencies, as well as media and marketing departments covers salary growth, base salaries on a regional basis.

Advertising Sales Salary Survey - A survey of subscribers to Folio Magazine this link has an advertising sales salary calculartor and information from advertising sales directors, advertising sales managers, individuals in ad sales and advertising account executives and account managers.


Agriculture Wage & Benefit Survey - An annual survey of farm employers.

California Farm Workers: Employment and Earnings - A monthly Agricultural Bulletin containing regional hourly earnings for farmworkers.

AgriCareers Salary Survey - A report of salaries in the agricultural and farming professions.

Wine Business Monthly Salary Survey - A report of salaries in the wine making industry. This report covers all winery and vineyard occupations including administration, marketing and sales.


Aviation Career Salary Ranges - From Airline Employment Assistance Corps: broad salary ranges for a variety of positions in aircraft, airlines, airports, flight attendants, food preparation, office, pilots.

Aviation Maintenance Salary Survey - This annual survey produced by Aviation Maintenance encompasses all major airlines, repair facilities and corporate flight locations.

Aircraft Maintenance Salary Survey - This Aircraft Maintenance Technology Magazine article covers average hourly pay rates by regional location, job title, and level of education.

IAM Facts & Figures - Formatted by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers this report covers employment data to include earnings, and cost of living for the industry.


Underhood Service Repair Market Industry Profile - Wage and salary data for employees of automotive dealers, including managers and technicians.

BodyShop Personnel Profile - From an industry insider, this report provides average pay and benefits for metal technicians, painters and mechanics in the automobile repair industry.

Brake & Front-End Salary Survey - This is a survey of wages and benefits for automotive technicians, managers, sales personnel and service writers in both independently owned and specialty automotive repair shops.

Tire Dealer Survey Results - A survey of the tire dealer market which includes retail, wholesale and truck tires and retreads.


Banking Salaries - An interpretation of the Robert Half International salary survey by CollegeJournal.

Banking Salary & Hiring Info - A collection of articles on banking salary and compensation information.


S.A.G. Contracts, Wages & Working Conditions - From the Screen Actors Guild Basic (SAG) this is a link to wage agreements covering theatrical, television, advertising commerce, and extras.

Entertainment Industry Salaries - From this is an annual review of salaries and pay levels for executives and professionals at production and post-production companies in the Entertainment Industry.

Salary & Job Satisfaction Survey - Food Engineering's survey of food manufacturing professionals: management, supervisors, technical, sales. Registration (free) is required for viewing survey.


San Francisco Restaurant Employee Compensation Survey - A wage and salary survey by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association for bars and restaurants in the city of San Francisco.

Dietary Manager Salary Survey - A link to the Dietary Manager's Association national survey of dietary directors and managers of food service. This report covers schools, retirement homes, hospitals and long-term care providers.

Food & Beverage Service Occupations - From the Occupational Outlook Handbook this is a report of the medial annual earnings across the United States.

Salary & Job Satisfaction Survey - A wage and salary survey for the food manufacturing industry including food manufacturing professionals such as: managers, supervisors, technical staff, and sales.


Explorer Salary Survey - From the American Association of Petroleum Geologists this is a compensation survey of geologist occupations.


Printing Industry Salary Survey - From the Graphic Arts Monthly this annual salary survey reports on compensation for top managers at commercial printers.

AIGA Salary Calculator - The American Institute of Graphic Artist Members shares these customizable reports for salary data on organizations by size and location.

M.P.S.C. Local 839's Wage Survey - The Los Angeles Chapter of the otion Picture Screen Cartoonist's Union provides this report on minimum rates for a wide range of positions for technicians, writers and artists making animated films.


Hospitality Compensation Exchange - For the hospitality industries, this Salary Survey covers food service, sales, management and many other occupations.

San Francisco Restaurant Employee Compensation Survey - From the Golden Gate Restaurant Association this wage and salary survey covers positions in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Human-Resource Executives - reports on this Salary Survey for Human Resources (HR) positions.


Actuary Salary Surveys - A review of Actuarial Salaries in the insurance industry, specifically for Life and Health and Property and Casualty.


BJS State & Local Law Enforcement Statistics - The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) releases this report of starting salaries, training and education incentives, and other pay increase factors for law enforcement. This report covers law enforcement at the federal level as well as for local police and sheriff departments across the United States.

Law Enforcement Officer Locality Pay Tables - This report is produced by the US Office of Personnel Management and covers salaries and wages for federal law enforcement officers.

Police and Detectives - Earnings - The Occupational Outlook Handbook compiles numerous compensation and wage surveys for law enforcement positions.

California Association of Criminalists - Salary Survey - An annual report for California criminalists.


Associate Salary Surveys - From the National Association for Law Placement this report of Salary Surveys covers associate level positions.

Salaries & Compensation - provides this report on wages and salaries for all mid-level associates.

General Corporate Counsel Salary Survey - A report of salaries and total compensation for Corporate Counsels.

Lists & Rankings - This is a link to a collection of articles, several of which are directly related to trends in compensation.

Infirmation - Law Firm Salaries - Findlaw reports on detailed salaries by state.

Survey on Paralegal Compensation in Law Firms and Law Departments - An overview of a salary and total compensation survey by leading legal industry analysts.

Law Teacher Salary Surveys - The American Law Teachers Association presents this survey of Salaries at law schools in the United States.

Legal Assistants Utilization and Compensation Survey Report - Wages, Hourly rates and salary data compiled by the National Association of Legal Assistants.


Special Library Association Salary Survey - Librarian and related positions; this is a review of salary survey data for these occupations.

ARL Salary Survey - The Association of Research Libraries releases this salary survey for for university and non-university library positions in research occupations.

Placements & Salaries - Recent graduates in the field of library school occupations can refer to this Annual review of starting wages and salaries (including total compensation).

The Hiring Tide Turns for Corporate Librarians - Corporate Librarians will appreciate this wage and salary review compiled by


M.B.A. Reality Check - Forbes Magazine releases this salary comparison survey of nearly 100 MBA programs for pre-MBA compensation and total compensation after five years of relevant work experience.

Haas School of Business - Placement Reports- - A report of the beginning earnings (including signing bonuses) for graduates of the Haas School of Management at UC Berkeley.

USC Marshall - MBA Employment Report - A starting wage salary survey of graduates of USC's Marshall School of Business. This report is detailed to include data by internship, location and industry.


Logistics Management Salary Survey - An annual salary survey for professional in Logistics Management.

Plant Maintenance Salary Surveys - This Salary Survey covers numerous occupations in Plant Maintenance including technicians, foremen, engineers, and maintenance managers.

Sales & Engineering Salary Survey - For the engineering and sales occupations in the automation and instrumentation engineering industry, this Salary Survey is provided by the Measurement, Control and Automation Association.

Plant Engineering Salary Survey - Plant Engineering Magazine provides this Salary Survey detailed by plant location, size and education level of employees.

Industrial Distribution Compensation Survey - Industrial Distribution released this survey of readers responding and covers sales, marketing and managerial positions.


Sales & Marketing Management Compensation Survey - An annual report from Sales & Marketing Management encompasses total compensation packages including bonuses; this report also includes a relation to quotas.

Annual Product Marketing Salary Survey - releases this Salary Survey to include total compensation for marketing managers, product managers, and many other marketing professions.

Salary Tables - - reports on earnings for Sales and Marketing positions across numerous industries.

Salaries in direct and interactive marketing - A compilation of the National Salary Guide for Direct Marketing and Telesales. This Salary Survey includes telemarketing, tele-sales, and customer service positions.

Contact Center Salary Survey - From Multichannel Merchant this is a Salary and Wage survey of Customer Service, telephone sales, and contact center staff.

Telebusiness Compensation Report - This Salary Survey is for the San Francisco Bay Area technology firms; specifically relevant to sales and telemarketing wages.

Editorial Salary Survey - Reported by Folio this is an annual survey of compensation for editors in the magazine publishing industry.

Career & Salary Survey - Medical Marketing & Media's Salary Survey covers occupations in the pharmaceutical and medical product industry.

VP of Sales Compensation Survey - A Salary Survey for Sales Directors and Vice Presidents of Sales at small to medium sized technology companies in California.

How to Hire a Sales Staff - An overview of Sales commissions and incentives from Entrepreneurial Edge Online.


Annual AMS-IMS-MAA Survey - An annual Salary review of doctoral graduates by the American Mathematical Society.

Salary Survey of Academic Statisticians - As reported by the American Statistical Association this Salary Survey encompasses statisticians employed in government positions, industry and general business occupations.


Circulation Manager Salary Survey - From Circulation Management magazine this is a wage and compensation survey.

Editorial Salary Survey - For the industry of magazine publishing, Folio's annual survey is all encompassing.

Traffic Director Annual Salary Survey - The Traffic Directors Guild of America provides this Annual Salary Survey.

Radio Salary Survey - From Radio magazine a wage and salary survey of station staff, contractors, engineers, and managers.

Radio and Television Salary Survey - The Radio and Television News Directors Association and Ball State University releases this Salary Survey of for television and radio news positions. The report is regional.

Motion Picture Editors Guild - Minimum Wage Scales - A display of rate cards for Guild Members including videotape production, feature animation, motion picture editors, and story analysts.

Women in Cable & Telecommunications - Pay Equity Initiative - This is a compensation report outlining issues and respective wages for telecommunications positions in management and technical positions.

Local 839 Minimum Wages - A report of minimum salaries for the International Alliance (Local 839) of Theatrical Stage Employees, Affiliated Optical Electronic and Graphic Arts, and The Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists.


Meeting Professional Salary Survey - An Annual Salary Survey for Meeting Professionals.

Meetings - State of the Industry - From Successful Meetings magazine, this is a profile review of the average compensation for meeting planners.

Convention Management - Compensation Surveys - An annual Salary Survey from the Professional Convention Management Association.

Show Management Salaries - As reported by EXPO magazine this Salary Data review includes compensation for Exposition and Association Meeting Executives.


Mining Wages and Benefits - The US Mine Labor Survey of annual Annual Mining Cost Service from Western Mine Engineering.


Careers in Associations - Salaries - The Association for Executive Compensation Survey is reviewed here.

Salary Survey Highlights - From the Council on Foundations, this Salary Survey reports on current salaries at foundations, giving programs and corporate foundations.

NonProfit Salary Tables - As reported by this Salary Survey summarizes the Salary Survey of the American Society of Association Executives.

Nonprofits Salary Survey - From NonProfit Times this is an annual report on wages and compensation at non-profits.


Pharmaceuticals and Medical Packaging News Salary Survey - For the Health Care Product Manufacturing Industry, this Salary Survey includes professionals in packaging.


AFTRA Freelance Rates - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) reports on contract rates for non-broadcast, entertainment, interactive, and sound.

Actors, Directors & Producers - Earnings - From the Occupational Outlook Handbook this is a national report on the annual compensation.


Geological Salary Survey - From the American Association of Petroleum Geologists this is an annual review of Salaries and total compensation.


Printing Industry Salary Survey - From Graphic Arts Monthly this annual Salary Survey covers management positions at commercial printers.


Salaries in Psychology - As reported by the American Psychological Association this Salary Survey covers wages and compensation for psychologists with educational levels of Doctoral and Masters.

Faculty Salaries in Graduate Departments of Psychology - As reported by the American Psychological Association this Salary Survey covers faculty in Graduate Departments.


P.R. Executive Salaries - As reported by this is a review of Salaries and total wage compensation for executives in public relations positions.


EBN's Purchasing Management - From Electronic Buyers' News this is a Salary Survey of purchasing positions at firms in the electronics related industries.

Purchasing Salary Survey - From Purchasing magazine provides this detailed review of Annual Salaries for buyers and executives.


Quality Control Salary Survey - From Quality Digest survey a review of total compensation and salaries for various jobs in quality control.


Salary & Hiring Info - Real Estate - Executives in real estate positions can review articles by Careerjournal providing Salary review data.

Real Estate Agents & Brokers - Earnings - As reported by the Occupational Outlook Handbook this is a report of median compensation for real estate brokers and agents.

Property Management Salaries - A review of wages and total compensation (including benefits) for Certified Property Managers (CPM's).


Entry-Level Retail Salaries - As reported by this is a compensation review for recent college graduates in retail jobs.

Retailing Salary Tables - A collection of salary and compensation data, as well as articles discussing wage and employment rates in retail positions.


ASIS International Employment Survey - As reported by the American Society for Industrial Security this is a salary and wage review for jobs in security management.


Photocopy Technician, Manager and Sales Salaries - A Salary, wage and total compensation review for jobs in the fields of photocopy, including sales, service technicians, and managers – from


Social Work Compensation - A survey of wages, salaries and total employment compensation for Social Workers, as reported by the National Association of Social Workers.

Social Worker Earnings - From the Occupational Outlook Handbook this is a link to the median wage earnings of Social Workers.


San Diego Chapter - STC - Salary Survey - This is a review of the Society of Technical Communicators Salary Survey for related occupations.

Academic Salary Survey - A Salary and wage survey for academic occupations in U.S. technical communication departments.


Telecommunications -Salary & Hiring Info - This link includes salary and wage information, as well as related articles for telecommunications occupations.


Travel Agents Earnings - From the Occupational Outlook Handbook this is a link to salaries and total compensation earnings for Travel Agents.


Warehousing Salaries and Wages - A wage, total compensation, and median Salary report for warehouse occupations, as compiled by the Warehousing Education and Research Council.