General Salary Surveys

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is a division of The US Department of Labor. The BLS compiles statistical data of wages and earnings across all of the fifty states. Many of the links here go directly to BLS data; other links presented are articles written by experts in the respective topics.

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) - This is an Online version from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Occupational Outlook Handbook recognized nationally as a source of career related information. The intent is to provide assistance to individuals desiring to make career decisions based on current and future trends

Career Journal is a division of the Wall Street Journal. This is an evaluation of salaries and wages by industry.

Cost of Living Comparison A gallon of milk and the average price of a house differs throughout the US. This is a link to a calculator to help you compare the cost of living in hundreds of metropolitan areas in the US.

Relocation Salary Calculator Want to know what it will cost to live somewhere else? Here you can compare the difference in cost of living between cities in the United States as well as many international locations.

Recruiters World Cost-of-Living Calculator Calculate the cost of living by comparing different cities within the United States.


The Minimum Wage Want to know everything about the minimum wage and minimum wage laws and trends? This site, brought to you by the US Department of Labor, provides information on legislation regarding minimum wages and includes state specific minimum wage laws, information for employers, and a Q&A (FAQ) for employees.

Pay levels remain linked to geographic location Human Resource Consulting Company, Mercer, presents a study on Geographic Salary Differentials.

Stock Options, Phantom Stock, and other Non-ESOP Equity Incentive Plans The National Center for Employee Ownership presents a guide to be understanding the different types of incentive plans and options, and the tax implications of each.

Stock Options provides indepth articles on stock option, the issues surrounding these and strategies for making these work for you.

Demystifying Stock Options and Signing Bonuses This is a basic guide to understanding options and bonuses.

MyStockOptions.Com – This site provides detailed information to answer all of your questions about stock options.

LHH-Severance Study Lee Hecht Harrison is one of the premier outplacement companies in the US. This link is primarily for employers who are planning to downsize, but there is a significant amount of information useful to employees who are being downsized; this information could help you do negotiate your own severance package.

Employment Law - Legal Encyclopedia Here you will find everything you need to know about employment law, including unemployment insurance information and non-compete agreements.

Highlights of Women's Earnings A study by the U.S. Dept. of Labor on salaries and wages for women.


Benefits, or non-pecuniary compensation for your work, are an important part of every employment contract. These articles provide tips on negotiating time off, insurance, and retirement benefits.

Benefits Overview This guide provided by is a basic guide to benefits including healthcare, vacation time, insurance, etc.

Evaluating a Job Offer Think you have a job offer you can’t refuse? Read this guide by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to help you make a good decision; it encompasses wage, benefits and labor statistics to help you.

How Does Your Current Pay Stack Up Against a New Offer This article from explores compensation package negotiations. The article is targeted towards senior level executives, but is a good read if you want to know how your bosses are negotiating their compensation.


Starting Salary & Job Market Information - It’s a daunting task, finding your first job after school. This link will help you prepare for your Career Search with an employment outlook and salary surveys for recent graduates.

The Hiring Forecast Want to know what degrees and coursework will be in demand? This article surveys employers for their opinions on what degrees are hot.

Starting Salary Offers to New College Grads on the Rise Every quarter the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) releases a report on salaries for graduating students.

Salary Statistics for All Majors & Degrees Cornell University offers an in-depth analysis of salaries for students completing undergraduate and graduate studies.

Business Schools - The Payback Is an MBA worth the time and effort? This article by Forbes Magazine surveys the earnings of pre-MBA and numerous MBA programs both after graduation and five years down the road.

USC Marshall - MBA Employment Report The USC Marshall School of Business released this study of beginning salaries for their recent graduates by location and industry (also includes internship salary data).