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Career Assessment

The Work Genius Career Assessment is designed to match you with the ideal occupation and job based on your interest profile. Your interest profile is determined based on answering the following questions.

Build kitchen cabinets
Guard money in an armored car
Study space travel
Make a map of the bottom of an ocean
Conduct a symphony orchestra
Write stories or articles for magazines
Teach an individual an exercise routine
Perform nursing duties in a hospital
Buy and sell stocks and bonds
Manage a retail store
Develop a spreadsheet using computer software
Proofread records or forms
Operate a dairy farm
Lay brick or tile
Study the history of past civilizations
Study animal behavior
Direct a play
Create dance routines for a show
Give CPR to someone who has stopped breathing
Help people with personal or emotional problems
Sell telephone and other communication equipment
Operate a beauty salon or barber shop
Use a computer program to generate customer bills
Schedule conferences for an organization
Monitor a machine on an assembly line
Repair household appliances
Develop a new medicine
Plan a research study
Write books or plays
Play a musical instrument
Teach children how to read
Work with mentally disabled children
Sell merchandise over the telephone
Run a stand that sells newspapers and magazines
Keep accounts payable/receivable for an office
Load computer software into a large computer network
Drive a taxi cab
Install flooring in houses
Study ways to reduce water pollution
Develop a new medical treatment or procedure
Perform comedy routines in front of an audience
Perform as an extra in movies, plays, or television shows
Teach an elementary school class
Give career guidance to people
Give a presentation about a product you are selling
Buy and sell land
Transfer funds between banks using a computer
Organize and schedule office meetings
Raise fish in a fish hatchery
Build a brick walkway
Determine the infection rate of a new disease
Study rocks and minerals
Write reviews of books or plays
Compose or arrange music
Supervise the activities of children at a camp
Help people with family-related problems
Sell compact disks and tapes at music store
Run a toy store
Use a word processor to edit and format documents
Operate a calculator
Assemble electronic parts
Drive a truck to deliver packages to offices and homes
Diagnose and treat sick animals
Study the personalities of world leaders
Act in a movie
Dance in a Broadway show
Perform rehabilitation therapy
Do volunteer work at a non-profit organization
Manage the operations of a hotel
Sell houses
Direct or transfer phone calls for a large organization
Perform office filing tasks
Paint houses
Enforce fish and game laws
Conduct chemical experiments
Conduct biological research
Draw pictures
Sing professionally
Help elderly people with their daily activities
Teach children how to play sports
Sell candy and popcorn at sports events
Manage a supermarket
Compute and record statistical and other numerical data
Generate the monthly payroll checks for an office
Operate a grinding machine in a factory
Work on an offshore oil-drilling rig
Study the population growth of a city
Study whales and other types of marine life
Perform stunts for a movie or television show
Create special effects for movies
Help disabled people improve their daily living skills
Teach sign language to people with hearing disabilities
Manage a department within a large company
Sell a soft drink product line to stores and restaurants
Take notes during a meeting
Keep shipping and receiving records
Perform lawn care services
Assemble products in a factory
Investigate crimes
Study the movement of planets
Conduct a musical choir
Act in a play
Help people who have problems with drugs or alcohol
Help conduct a group therapy session
Sell refreshments at a movie theater
Sell hair-care products to stores and salons
Calculate the wages of employees
Assist senior level accountants in performing bookkeeping tasks
Catch fish as a member of a fishing crew
Refinish furniture
Examine blood samples using a microscope
Investigate the cause of a fire
Paint sets for plays
Audition singers and musicians for a musical show
Help families care for ill relatives
Provide massage therapy to people
Start your own business
Negotiate business contracts
Type labels for envelopes and packages
Inventory supplies using a hand-held computer
Fix a broken faucet
Do cleaning or maintenance work
Study the structure of the human body
Develop psychological profiles of criminals
Design sets for plays
Announce a radio show
Plan exercises for disabled patients
Counsel people who have a life-threatening illness
Represent a client in a lawsuit
Negotiate contracts for professional athletes
Develop an office filing system
Keep records of financial transactions for an organization
Maintain the grounds of a park
Operate a machine on a production line
Develop a way to better predict the weather
Work in a biology lab
Write scripts for movies or television shows
Write a song
Teach disabled people work and living skills
Organize activities at a recreational facility
Be responsible for the operation of a company
Market a new line of clothing
Record information from customers applying for charge accounts
Photocopy letters and reports
Spray trees to prevent the spread of harmful insects
Test the quality of parts before shipment
Invent a replacement for sugar
Study genetics
Perform jazz or tap dance
Direct a movie
Take care of children at a day-care center
Organize field trips for disabled people
Sell newspaper advertisements
Sell merchandise at a department store
Record rent payments
Enter information into a database
Operate a motorboat to carry passengers
Repair and install locks
Study the governments of different countries
Do research on plants or animals
Sing in a band
Design artwork for magazines
Assist doctors in treating patients
Work with juveniles on probation
Sell automobiles
Manage a clothing store
Keep inventory records
Maintain employee records
Set up and operate machines to make products
Put out forest fires
Do laboratory tests to identify diseases
Study weather conditions
Edit movies
Pose for a photographer
Provide physical therapy to people recovering from an injury
Teach a high-school class
Sell restaurant franchises to individuals
Sell computer equipment in a store
Stamp, sort, and distribute mail for an organization
Handle customers' bank transactions

Assesment Instructions

For each of the tasks listed, tell us if you:

career assessment like doing this

career assessment dislike doing this

Or have no strong opinion have no opinion about doing this

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